Certified in Building Construction Surveyor

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About Course

If you are interested in buildings and like the idea of identifying technical problems, finding solutions and giving technical or legal advice, building surveying could be for you. Building surveyors are involved at the design, planning and construction stages of building projects and also work in property management and the conservation of historic buildings. If you are more interested in business and finance, quantity surveying could be for you. Quantity surveyors manage costs relating to building and civil engineering projects.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Chapter 1 Introduction Surveying instruments; chains, tapes, steel bands, their types & uses.
  • Chapter 2 Chain Surveying Ranging & Chaining of Survey lines. Field work & Plotting of Chain survey
  • Chapter 3 Compass Surveying Prismatic Compass& Surveyor compass Uses, Bearings, Local attraction, Fieldwork & Plotting.

Module 2

  • Chapter 4 Plane Table Surveying Parts and accessories. Methods of surveying. Two-point and three-point problems.
  • Chapter 5 Leveling General principle. Types of levels and their temporary and permanent adjustments. Methods of leveling. Reduction of levels, Precise leveling and Trigonometric Leveling.
  • Chapter 6 Tacheometrical surveying Methods of tacheometrical surveying. Field work and computation
  • Assignments

Module 3

  • Chapter 7 Traversing Traversing with prismatic compass, theodolite and plane table, computations and adjustments of traverse, transformation of Co-ordinates
  • Chapter 8 Omitted Measurements
  • Chapter 9 Calculation of Areas and Volumes
  • Assignments


  • Exam

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  • Experience letter in relevant field


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